Cenco Physics Rive Ray Box CP83100-00 120V AC With Three-wire Cord and Plug

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Cenco Physics Rive Ray Box

High quality and low cost make this easy-to-use ray box ideally suited for junior high or high school students

It is durably constructed with a rigid vinyl base and a metal box housing a transformer and a high intensity light. An adjustable screen produces either one wide beam or a choice of one, two, three, or five slit beams, all of which can be easily seen tracing a path across the table surface on which the unit sits

For lenses and mirrors use the Optics Set (68182-01) and the Semi-Circular Lens (68182-02).

The Rive Ray Box operates on 120V, AC and comes with a three-wire cord and plug. CSA listed, with instructions for 15 suggested experiments.