ISR MDT Pro Transit Mobile Data Terminal

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ISR MDT Pro Transit Mobile Data Terminal

MDT Pro: The MDT series allows the driver to clearly view the information on a display for easy operation. This allows the driver to view all the necessary information at a glance with all the features at a touch of a key

The MDTPro is simple, easy to use thus letting the driver fully concentrated on the traffic. The backlit display and keyboard ensure excellent legibility, allowing the driver to read all relevant information.

The MDT Pro allowing for two-way messaging, from the base station and up to 1000 canned messages with numerals from the vehicle. It also includes ticket management, access control and dispatch/security applications that are fully integrated with back-end database, dispatch and ERP systems.

With a 4 x 40 LCD screen and up to 1000+ pre-set messages that you can customize, the MDT Pro connects you to your drivers. Drivers quickly access a pre-defined message and the numeric keypad to keep in touch with the office. Send free text messages and receive an immediate response. Print out records of all your communication. The MDT Pro contains a panic button for emergency use. Back lighting ensures night usage.

  • 4 lines of 40 characters each
  • 4 soft keys (usage determined by SPM application)
  • 10 alphanumeric keys (cell phone style)
  • Up and down arrow keys
  • DEL key
  • Emergency key
  • Programmable audio and volume tones
  • Size: 10 inch X 4 inch X 1.125 inch
  • 12/28V input voltage
  • Display
  • Effective display area 5.8 inch X 1.2 inch
  • LCD type STN (Yellow or green)
  • Interface
  • RS232 interface
  • RJ 45 connectors
  • Pass-through second RS232 port