Motorcraft YF2107 A/C Refrigerant AC Hose Suction Line F4VH19N617BA F4VY19867A

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A/C Refrigerant Assembly (Please independently verify compatibility with your specific vehicle. This may fit other models but not certain, but a compatibility Chart is provided for your convenience.

Ethylene-propylene diolefin monomer (EPDM) rubber used in most underhood hoses resists heat, oil, grease, antifreeze and all approved coolant additives.Alternate/OEM Part Number(s): F4VH19N617BA, F4VY19867A.

Please Note: This item is delivered to me in bulk packed into pallets. While this item is brand new, you will see some scuff marks on the Foam tubing where other hose assemblies may have rubbed against it during transport. This is normal and to be expected with this product.