Polar 94032398 RE07S Wireless Receiver Module Ilni Nc Molex Brand New

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Polar 94032398 RE07S Wireless Receiver Module Ilni Nc Molex

  • Reception range 80-105c
  • Negative output pulse 5V 15ms
  • J1 Molex 70553-0037
  • 5.5V max supply
  • Coil orientation along long side
  • Non coded system
  • Home exercise equipment
  • Commercial Exercise equipment
  • Wireless heart rate receiver module
  • Non coded receiver
  • Code signal filtering available in this family
  • Reduced range on code search sequence

RE07S is a family of Polar wireless receiver products. The basic operation of the system is to detect the heart rate of a user from the transmitter belt the user wears while exercising. The system detects the transmission bursts from the Polar transmitter belt and outputs it as digital pulses. The exercise equipment software calculates the time between the pulses, averages the calculated value and converts it to heart rate value. This family has different versions, some of them coded. This means that after one coded transmitter belt is locked into a receiver, only that code signal heart rate value is outputted. System has also a special feature on code search sequence; the reception range is reduced to ensure noise free code locking. The RE07S receiver family will operate in environments where low current consumption is required