Spears FlameGuard 4202-010 1" Fire Sprinker Head Tee Fitting - T Fitting - NEW!

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SPEARS Patented Special Reinforced (SR) plastic female thread design is one of the most significant advancements in the use of CPVC Fire Sprinkler System threaded fittings. Not just an added ring, this unique precompression design compensates for expansion forces generated from tapered pipe thread joint make-up. Radial stress is no longer a problem in normal installations and easily managed in severe over tightening situations.

Contains and Compensates for Radial Stress.

Radial stress, generated by tightening of tapered pipe threads, exerts tremendous expansion force on female plastic thread fittings. When subjected to over-tightening - even accidentally - these forces can literally split the fitting. Spears® patented SR Adapter design not only alleviates this problem by containing expansion forces with its special reinforced collar, but additionally compensates for expansion stress through thermoplastic material compression. Stresses are equalized at normal joint make-up.