Thermo Scientific SC-100-S45 - 41 Liter Stainless Steel Heated Bath Circulator

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Thermo Scientific Sahara Series - 41 Liter Stainless Steel Heated Bath Circulator

The Thermo Scientific heating bath circulators are ergoniomically designed with the user in mind and are UL/CSA/CE compliant for safe operation. Available in capacities from 5 L to 46 L. The thermostats are attached by a sturdy bath bridge and can be indexed 90 on all four sides of the bath.These open baths are availalbe in a choice of three materials.

Transparent acrylic - ideal for applications requiring good visibilityPolyphenylene oxide (PPO) - an economical alternative to stainless steel, these modified polyphenylene oxide baths are thermally resistant up to 100 C and deliver exceptional temperature performance with operational savings. Temperatures are maintained from ambient plus 13 C to 100 C.

Stainless steel - rugged and corrosion-resistant for high-temperature applications

Bath Circulator, Heating; Thermo Scientific; SAHARA series; Stainless Steel; Model S45 With SC100 thermostat

  • Ambient +13 to 100 C
  • 115V/60Hz
  • 41L